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In 2019 we offer different seminars, lectures and workshops as well as private and individual coachings, travels, hikes and bicycle-toursFor more informations about the quantum leap of the Earth and our experiences with the New Earth, please click here

For informations about programmed New Earth Crystals, please click here

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Crystals with the power of the New Earth

charged crystals with the power of the New Earthcharged crystals with the power of the New Earth

We use mountain crystals in different sizes, but it makes no difference to use a little or a big one. We take them to a place with the power of the New Earth. Meanwhile we know a lot of this places in Germany, but as well in other countries and we can do a research all over the world by remote viewing.
It is very important to leave the crystals for minimum 24 hours at this places.

Our experience is, that, if we use programmed crystals, the vitality of our clients jumps up between 20 to 40%. In the combination crystal and place of the New Earth the vitality sometimes jumps up to 150%. That can be too much - particularly if the client has problems with his energy system or the heart!!!

Very important!!! It is not possible to install a place with the power of the New Earth with a programmed crystal - but you can programme other crystals.

We sell programmed crystals and if you are interested to buy some - please contact us here.


Here is a video in German about programming crystals.

Incidentally, we came across a video by Amanda Ellis, in which she introduces "our" New Earth Cristalls, which were sent to her by a participant in our workshops. Great, now we reach people on the other side of the "big pond"!