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AHHA is a play on words from the initials of our names Andreas Hösl and Heike Antons, but at the same time a wonderfully expressive word for the effects of our joint work - the AHHA effects.

It is the unusual combination of our respective special talents, abilities, experiences and insights that have made our work the very exciting "cocktail" that we now call AHHA effects. We owe the uniqueness of our working method to this special

Huge Menhir in BrittanyHuge Menhir in BrittanyAndreas is not only an experienced and seasoned hiking guide, healer and geomancer, he also has unusually fine perceptive abilities that allow him to receive and feel place qualities and energies, such as an antenna - even if he is not directly located on the spot and "scanned" maps by hand. Naturally, these special abilities also help him to work with humans, enabling him to sense disturbances and energy phenomena and to receive inner images, which is a valuable enrichment and addition to the quality of his counseling sessions and a good one for him Giving a sense of the cause of problems.
He was able to develop and demonstrate his special talent for helping, supporting and accompanying people in crisis situations throughout his life - not least during his professional career as a police officer, independent financial services provider and freelance work in a clinic for fasting and integrative medicine. This valuable wealth of experience is available to him today for his work with people.
Masculine adventurousness and strong organizational talent not only round off his spectrum in a strangely appropriate way for our professional activities, they are also extremely inspirational and infectious in counseling sessions and helpful in overcoming inner barriers.


Heike has had medial abilities from childhood, which give her the finest antennas for moods, "games" and hidden things - but she also always inputs sudden insights, inspirations and insights that can only be described as direct knowledge and in counseling sessions again and again provide surprises and advanced insights.
Since childhood, she has been in contact with the invisible world and early on had "conversations with God", which, as it later turned out, was essentially self-talk - that is, conversations with that part of her self that was eternal and indestructible. But only as an adult woman did she recognize these abilities and began to consciously train and develop them. In the meantime she has been serving as the mouthpiece and ambassador of the earth for many years.
Female intuition, inner images, a strong sense of observation and the ability to make contact with the (higher) self of other people, are for them abundant sources of knowledge. Your ability to intuitively understand and interpret characters, dreams, encounters, and symbols at deeper levels are further components of AHHA effects in counseling sessions.