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Our books about New Earth and the New Humans as well as our videos are currently only available in German.

For smaller groups we offer seminars and workshops in English. Currently, due to the Corona crisis, only in Germany.


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Magic to touch

Treewoman by www.pixabay.comTreewoman by www.pixabay.com
The core of creation can no more be understood without magic than the deep essence of nature. A science in which nature and creation are broken down into ever smaller parts must inevitably fail in its understanding of larger connections if it loses sight of the magic of the whole.

While the time of the old systems is coming to an end, we are challenged to help shape a New Earth reality worth living in - it is high time to become magically effective!


charged crystals with the power of the New Earthcharged crystals with the power of the New Earth

New Earth Crystals are rock crystals that we programme with New Earth information in places with New Earth energy - of course in complete agreement with the "Spirit of the Crystals". These crystals make it easier - just like places with New Earth energy - to withdraw from the influences of human collective consciousness and to experience unity consciousness. They are conducive to clear, new thoughts, inspirations, visions and the connection to one's own self and also noticeably raise physical vitality.

Especially the effectiveness on the vitality of people, we have been able to experience and verify in the past with many participants of our workshops and seminars - an increase in vitality by 50% - 100% is not an exception, but rather the rule.

Reactions to New Earth Crystals are as different as people are. We have experienced that people have felt almost "slain" by their energies - associated with palpitations and discomfort - which usually subsided as soon as they knew what kind of energy qualities they were dealing with. Others immediately felt their minds become clear and wide - associated with joy and deep peace. Some also simply reacted extremely vividly to these crystals - the strong increase in vitality had to be taken into account by movement. However, it was important for all of them to know about the quality of these crystals in order to be able to deal with them "well", which of course makes sense in order to be able to open up to these still quite unknown energy qualities.

All the information you need about working with New Earth Crystals can be found on a separate and very detailed page and the two accompanying videos (with English subtitles). It's a lot of text, but if you want to find out more, you will find the answers to all your questions here.


Incidentally, we came across a video by Amanda Ellis, in which she introduces "our" New-Earth-Crystals, which were sent to her by a participant in one of our workshops. Great, now we reach people on the other side of the "channel" and other English-speaking people!