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Places of power

Magische KraftorteMagische Kraftorte

Since ancient times, mankind has known about the effectiveness of places of power. It was known that these can not only have a healing, consciousness-expanding and vitalising effect, but also derive what is too much, i.e. can definitely also have a debilitating effect. But equally, there are places that promote healing sleep and "travel" between worlds. So it is absolutely not irrelevant what kind of energy quality a person is confronted with - not all places of power are the same - for conversations and when working with places of power, we naturally always pay attention to the appropriate places of power.

People need completely different qualities of power places, depending on their personal constitution and current life situation - what is good for one person can be bad for another. Randomly visiting places of power and staying there for a longer period of time can cause various disturbances of well-being, which can be avoided with expert guidance and instruction. Of course, as experienced geomancers, seminar leaders and coaches, we have the necessary knowledge.

The same applies, of course, to chakras and other energy phenomena in one's own living environment, which is why we always warmly recommend a residential check and remote research into places of power.

The focus of our work is not within classical geomancy and does not concentrate on the common and generally known places of power. We are much more interested in directing the focus towards further development, which is why we devote ourselves particularly intensively to the power places of the new age - power places that have only emerged in recent times and are still emerging.