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Power places of the new time
dreams by www.pixabay.comdreams by www.pixabay.com

Since ancient times, mankind has known about the effectiveness of places of power. It was known that these can not only have a healing, consciousness-expanding and vitalising effect, but also derive what is too much, i.e. can definitely also have a debilitating effect. But equally, there are places that promote healing sleep and "travel" between worlds. So it is absolutely not irrelevant what kind of energy quality a person is confronted with - not all places of power are the same.

However, what has received far too little attention so far is the fact that the earth is changing and thus, of course, its places of power as well. Already existing places of power are changing and new ones are emerging. Whatever we think we know about places of power or geomancy must be subjected to a test. This does not at all mean that this old knowledge is "wrong", but often it is incomplete, narrow and rigid. What we need is living and evolving knowledge - especially in dealing with the creation that surrounds us, and especially in our times.

www.pixabay.comwww.pixabay.comIt makes no sense to endlessly regurgitate traditional knowledge unchecked and unchanged, disregarding the further development of the earth. Anyone who wants to work with places of power today should definitely take into account places of power of the new age.

If we, as humanity, want to develop further in order not only to survive the upheavals of our time, but also to actively participate in shaping them, then we cannot and must not ignore places of power of the new time. They are the ones that connect us with the energy qualities that are needed now!

Power places of the new time can have a supporting effect on personal transformation, expansion of consciousness and the transformation process of the Earth or our solar system, which is progressing ever faster. These places are helpful in thinking new thoughts, finding visions and looking beyond a constricting horizon. In addition, we can get used to the changed consciousness and energy level of the Earth here and evolve more easily.