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Remote perception of power places of the New Time

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Our books about New Earth and the New Humans as well as our videos are currently only available in German.

For smaller groups we offer seminars and workshops in English. Currently, due to the Corona crisis, only in Germany.


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Remote perception for places of power
Remote perception for places of power in Germany, Switherland, Austria, France, UK, USA and other countriesRemote perception for places of power in Germany, Switherland, Austria, France, UK, USA and other countries


Working together with the energy systems and natural beings of one's own living environment is certainly not new - not only since Feng Shui became known in this country. An individual home check is of course much more effective than general rules for everyone.

The knowledge of power places in one's own region is also not new, but is hardly practised any more, although it can be very helpful to know about such places. This especially includes places of power of the new age, which have either only existed for a few years or are currently playing a particularly important role.

Remote perception into energy systems and places of power is nothing unusual, considering that everything is connected to everything anyway. Alignment and appropriately trained sensitivity make it possible for Andreas - with the help of maps and the like - to locate such places and information even from a distance. Thus you also have the possibility to gain practical experience with power places in your region or to work with them - also in combination with New Earth Crystals.

This offer is of course also valid for regions outside of Germany!


    Places with New Earth Energy
    Cities of Light
    Christ focuses
    Sophia foci
    Neptune focuses
    Uranus focuses
    Sun focuses
    Heart chakras of supra-regional significance
    Places with the sunken people
    Power places with the so-called "centre of the centre"

POWER PLACES OF THE NEW TIME support the personal transformation and expansion of consciousness, which have become urgently necessary with the ever faster progressing transformation process of the earth or our solar system. These places are helpful in thinking new thoughts, finding visions and looking beyond a constricting horizon. Furthermore, here we can get used to the changed consciousness and energy level of the Earth and evolve more easily.

In our books NEW HUMAN BEING AND NEW EARTH Part 1 and Part 2 (only in German available) we have already presented about 200 such places of power and published a lot of important information, but of course this does not cover every region. So if you are interested in POWER PLACES OF THE NEW TIME in your personal environment, to visit and work with them, please contact us.

Depending on the number of places and the time involved, the financial compensation incl. VAT is as follows:

    1 place of power (place with the energy of the New Earth) in your area - 40,00 EUR
    up to 6 places - 90,00 EUR
    up to 8 places - 110,00 EUR
    up to 12 places - 150,00 EUR
    up to 16 places - 190,00 EUR
    up to 20 places - 240,00 EUR
    up to 24 places - 300,00 EUR
    more than 24 places by arrangement

After transferring the agreed amount, we will locate the respective places for you, send you a detailed map and instructions on how to find the places exactly, as well as an invoice.

As an alternative and/or supplement, there is also the possibility - of course after consultation with us - to organise a workshop/lecture with us in your region. In this case we would check if and where there are places of the new time, in order to hike, feel and experience them under our guidance.

Please use the contact form for enquiries.