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Remote perception of power places of the New Time

Sale of New Earth Crystals

Our books about New Earth and the New Humans as well as our videos are currently only available in German.

For smaller groups we offer seminars and workshops in English. Currently, due to the Corona crisis, only in Germany.


Visitors since 01.08.2018


AHHA-Team is not only a play on words from the initials of our names
Andreas Hösl and Heike Antons, AHHA-Team is also a kind of magical space.

As wanderers between the worlds, we interweave the thematic complexes POWER GATES (OF THE NEW TIME), EARTH CHANGE, PRACTICAL MAGIC, FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF HUMANITY and INTUITIVE LIFE COUNSELING into a unique mixture.

We owe the uniqueness of our offers to the unusual combination of our respective special talents, abilities, experiences and insights. It is this that has made our work into the exciting "cocktail" that we offer today in the AHHA team room - a place of power of a very special kind.

Magical spaces are created at interfaces and transitions - whenever two or more realities touch, overlap and interact with each other.

Huge Menhir in BrittanyHuge Menhir in BrittanyAndreas' AH - his being a husband/father/partner, his personal wealth of experience, his skills, knowledge and magical being - connects with Heike's HA - her being a wife/mother/partner, her personal wealth of experience, her skills, knowledge and magical being. An alchemical process is set in motion.

But the AHHA space that is created in this way expands through further interfaces - the AHHA team is larger.

The special quality of our living and working space, for example, also plays an important role. This is a place with the energy of the New Earth - a power place of the new age that raises the energy level and is particularly good at helping us to think new thoughts and detach from limiting collective consciousness.

Cooperation with other selected power place qualities and with forces and beings of nature and earth also play an important role in this space, as do dialogues and self-talks - and always cooperation and openness of the respective participants and clients. The interaction of different "levels" makes larger connections visible and inevitably broadens the perspective of all participants.

The AHHA team is thus complete. This protected, magical space awaits you! A space that we create, preserve and hold - because magic is creation and creation is magic!