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Visitors since 01.08.2018

Vita Andreas Hösl

Andreas is not only an experienced geomancer with many years of experience, he also has unusually fine perceptive abilities that enable him to receive and sense qualities of place and energies like an antenna - even when he is not directly on site and "scans" maps by hand.  

These special abilities are of course also useful to him when working with people, as they enable him to sense disturbances and energy phenomena and to receive inner images, which is a valuable enrichment and addition to the quality of his counselling sessions and also gives him a good sense for the cause of problems.

He has been able to develop and prove his special talent for catching, supporting and accompanying people in crisis situations throughout his life - not least during his professional activities as a police officer, self-employed financial services provider and freelance work in a clinic for therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine. This valuable wealth of experience is available to him today for his work with people.

His masculine adventurousness and distinct organisational talent not only round off his spectrum in a strangely fitting way for our professional activities, they are also extremely inspiring and contagious in counselling sessions and helpful in overcoming inner hurdles.

  •     born: 1958
  •     Star sign: Sagittarius
  •     Mayan birth sign: The red skywalker
  •     Father of 2 grown-up daughters
  •     10 years police officer
  •     16 years self-employed financial service provider
  •     2001 - 2007 self-employed as energetic healer and trainer in energetic healing
  •     2005 - 2007 Coach and trainer at the Hohenzollerische Landesbank
  •     2006 - 2020 Freelance work at the Buchinger-Wilhelmi Clinic, Clinic for Fasting and Integrative Medicine in Überlingen, Germany
  •     2007 Foundation of the company WANDERMAGIE - WAYS TO PLACES OF POWER
  •     2007 Foundation of the company GEH-SPRÄCHE - NATURE INSTEAD OF COUCH
  •     since 2011 in "wild marriage" with his life and work partner Heike Antons

Here are a few more "drawers":

  •     1996 - 2003 various trainings in energetic healing.
  •     2001 - 2016 various trainings as life counsellor, meditation teacher, alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, geomancer and in psycho-dynamic radiesthesia
  •     since 2007 seminar leader, lecturer and freelance researcher
  •     since 2013 author of several books

Since 2000, several mystical experiences and associated initiations have completely changed Andrea's life. In addition, he experienced his own death several times and came to the realisation that he is a timeless and multiple being. These experiences encouraged him to revive his innate high sensitivity, which he had suppressed for many years, and finally to continuously expand and develop it.