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Remote perception of power places of the New Time

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Our books about New Earth and the New Humans as well as our videos are currently only available in German.

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Visitors since 01.08.2018

Vita Heike Antons

Heike has had mediumistic abilities since childhood, which give her the finest antennae for moods, "games" and hidden things - but which also repeatedly give her sudden insights, inspirations and realisations that can only be described as direct knowledge and which provide surprises and expanded knowledge in counselling sessions.

Since childhood she has been in contact with the invisible world and early on had self-talks - that is, conversations with the part of herself that is eternal and indestructible. An ability she has refined more and more in the course of her life.

Feminine intuition, inner images, a distinct power of observation and the ability to make contact with the (Higher) Self of other people are productive sources of knowledge for her. Her talent to intuitively understand and interpret signs, dreams, animal encounters and symbols on deeper levels are further components for AHHA effects in counselling sessions.

In addition, she has a wealth of experience of over 30 years of card practice with Tarot and other spreading systems.

    Star sign: Deep-seeing Tuna
    Mayan birth sign: White cosmic mirror
    Trained bookseller
    Certified Passion Test counsellor
    Freelance life counsellor until the end of 2010
    Creative courses in her own workshop until the end of 2010
    Many years of experience with Tarot interpretation and similar "tools
    Mother of two adult sons
    25 years manager of a 4-person - and business household
    Complete reorientation after divorce
    since 2011 in "wild marriage" with her life and work partner Andreas Hösl
    Company foundation Wunderlinge-Wunderdinge 2012
    Author of several books since 2013